IBLF Global Completes P1 of FCO toolkit

IBLF Global Completes P1 of FCO toolkit ocurement

20th March, 2015
In response to the need to assist Her Majesty's posts abroad deal with anti-corruption issues in difficult markets, IBLF Global have now completed phase I of the FCO anti-corruption toolkit.
This toolkit was one of our major deliverables for this year and we were assisted by various government departments and volunteers from various business sectors who provided technical knowledge and expertise in shaping the content of the toolkit.

An initial survey and consultation was conducted to identify the knowledge gaps and requirement of the stakeholders. The results from our analysis informed the content and methodology for building the toolkit such as, “the 3 clicks and you’re there” principle that enable users to find and retrieve information in the shortest possible time.

Some of the topics covered include: UK principles on beneficial ownership, UK and international legislation, enforcement agencies, public procurement, customs, compliance and 3rd party risks.
We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our knowledge partners, technical experts and volunteers who took part in this process.

All the participants and stakeholders involved in this process is part of the initiative to establish closer collaboration and information exchange between Her Majesty’s posts and the business community.
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